Thursday, September 27, 2007

take me away!

another thing to divert you from this page and the lack of crafting i have to show, is my new flickr page. right now it consists of many polaroids i shot this summer and scanned into my computer. i might put something else there someday, too, but who knows. now take a look at my polaroid project! thanks.

aly at aquinnah beach, july 2007.

Friday, September 07, 2007

getting crafty again.

September here is just lovely! Hints of summer still linger in the air, but all the tourists have gone home and you can actually get a parking space when you go out to dinner. I finally have some extra time to myself, both for crafting and for blogging! I kind of fell out of the blogging thing for a while. I don't like wasting time talking about doing things, I just want to do them. So now I'll go shut up and let you know when my dress (see cut fabric above) is done.

Monday, September 03, 2007

like mother, like daughter.

A few years ago, I found this picture of my mom, at age 20, hanging out with a couple of her friends in college. I love finding pictures like this from the past! It's just fun to get a glimpse of my mom before i knew her, and to see what styles she was wearing. I also like seeing what sorts of ridiculous haircuts her friends were sporting.

I cannot help and compare this photo to a similar one of myself, also at age 20, hanging out with my college friends.

wonder who inspired those ridiculous haircuts?

so proud to be my mothers daughter, always!