Sunday, February 28, 2010

on the needles

I have so many unfinished projects, it's not even funny. I've decided to dedicate the month of March to getting things done! Here's a little inventory of what's on the needles these days.

Alpaca Sox Legwarmers
Knit with Opal uni-solids in Cocoa

I can't wait to wear these with boots and tights on a chilly winter day, but its beginning to look like that might be next winter at the rate I am going!

I realized back in November that I don't have a simple, black scarf to wear with just about anything, so I cast on for Wedge with Queensland Collection's Leche. I ran out of yarn before I finished, but yesterday I finally made it back to Fiber Chicks in Albuquerque for more.

Cairn fingerless mitts by Ysolda Teague

Thrummed mittens
with the help of yarn
(this one still needs a thumb!)

Oh, yes, and this sweater. I started it in May 2009 and would love to finish it by May 2010!

Now, pardon my absence, but I have some knitting to do!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Etsy Shop!

Buy Handmade

For any of you out there who are sewists ( sewers? or sewsters?) I want to share with you my new etsy shop!

Not too long ago I started collecting vintage sewing patterns. I love the illustrated envelopes, finding the occasional uncut virgin pieces inside, and wondering who may have sewn the dress or blouse way back when. Slowly I came to realize that I owned waaay more than I was ever going to find the time to make (especially at the rate I sew!) Now I want to share them with you. Please take a look... and pass the link along to any other sewists you may know! And if you don't see anything that grabs your fancy, check back often. I hope to be doing updates every weekend!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

inspiration: other people's projects

Lately I am really loving the look of crochet. These bright, colorful granny squares sure do brighten up winter! Maybe its time to learn a new skill??

{click the images to visit their source!}

And look, Crochet Today has this free pattern to get started!