Friday, May 25, 2007

memorial day blues

I finished knitting my blue and green checkered intarsia bag, and now I am preparing it for felting! Lots of loose ends to tie in and shoulder handles to sew on.

Well, it's Memorial Day Weekend! The weekend everything on our tiny tourist Island begins. The crowds will be flooding in tomorrow, the restaurants will be crowded, the boats off schedule and traffic galore. but summer on the vineyard is always fun, too. and coming home from work and sitting on the deck, having a beer and working on a craft is what I look forward to all during my busy day.

That, and Sundays off to go to the beach.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Button Up! Bag

You may recall I started sewing this bag almost a year ago! Then I put it aside never to be finished... until today. I had never really thought of a clever way to attach the handles and not have my sloppy hand stitches show. Today I got the idea to sew on these buttons when I saw some Lili Pulitzer bags in a shop window downtown Edgartown. I'd never thought I'd be inspired by a Lili purse, but I must admit I am a fan of the vintage look. And it was the perfect way to finish off my design!

The fabric is old, found, or more so 'gifted' to me by someone who knew I liked to sew things. There is more scrap fabric where this came from and there should be more bags! I like the way this came out, too bad it took me a year to make it. If I make more in other colors/prints and you think you would like to own one, leave me a comment below. I'll think up a price. And I definitely could whip one up in much less time than it took me to make this!

inside is lined with the same print, but next time I think I will make it a surprise!

xoxo. v


4 more days until my love is here with me!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

less blogging, more making

I must say, I've been spending a lot of time online lately, and less time making stuff. I have been updating my website and just looking at crafting projects, shopping for fabrics, reading blogs and getting ideas. But I have been knitting my square tote bag which I will felt soon, perhaps after another row of squares. It's fun to work on while I watch tv or ftp files to my server.

Today was the first really nice day of the season. I can only hope for more!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Summer Quilting Project!

I always spend less time knitting in the summer. I think it might be the time to begin a quilt, as I have been wanting to do for some time now. Finally, I've chosen a pattern from Denise Schmidt Quilts that I really want to make and picked out some colors that I liked together. Its so hard deciding if the color scheme is good so I made a little mock-up in photoshop.

The fabrics are from purl soho and I have not seen them in person, only online. Will I still love the combo after months of working on it?