Wednesday, April 25, 2007

knitting in squares.

Here's a preview of the new bag I am working on:

I am using the intarsia technique to create 5 x 5 st squares in lime green on the front and back of this blue tote. When I am done it will be felted and the stitches will not show, but the pattern will. I am hoping to do 6 rows of 5 squares, but thinking I may quit at 3!

It was hard to get used to this technique at first, and the yarn gets all twisted up which is a pain, but I am beginning to like it more and more and can't wait for the end results! I have been thinking about making a felted bag like this for awhile and even if it takes me all summer to construct, I am glad to be bringing it to life.

More pictures as it takes shape. It's sort of shapeless now.

Friday, April 20, 2007

shoulder style.

Here are some photos of my newest bag -- an orange felted shoulder tote. Handknit, felted and ready-to-wear. I will be putting it up for sale before I get too attached to it. In the mean time, any takers?


Monday, April 16, 2007

april showers...

i'm excited because:

-after eight long months i finally have the internet at my house! as my friend briana put it, i could have had a baby!

-also, it is almost summer! even thought it doesn't feel like it. cold, wet, windy, dark. well... almost.

-i got a new digital camera. i used it to photograph my other new camera. see...

-i have been reading lots of good books. join me on

-i have also felted a new bag (pictures soon!) and a cute, short but sweet scarf. I am about to start stitching this tee.

that's all for now. isn't it enough??

Saturday, April 07, 2007

when i'm not knitting i'm reading.

I was excited when I spotted this book in the store:

not so much for the stories, but for the cover. It is an image by one of my favorite photographers and aib teacher Cig Harvey. Take a look at her work online. You, too, will be enthralled.