Tuesday, June 19, 2012

new england summer

here are a few pretty, quiet moments from the last few days: my towering pile of summer reads, lazy-day knitting, some V's from the Printing Arts Festival at the Museum of Printing, and a little friend who joined me for lunch.

it's supposed to get ridiculously hot this week. i just cast on for a cool, cotton blend shawl for some breezy, lightweight stitches and am mixing up some cold brew coffee. what do you like to knit or make to stay cool?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

feat of clay.

I am very excited to be taking my first ever pottery class this summer. Clay is a whole new medium for me and I am looking forward to getting my hands wet... literally!

I have worked extensively in 2 dimensions for almost all of my creative life -- painting, printing photos, and making collages. Knitting and working with fiber have definitely helped me start thinking in 3 dimensions and I am looking forward to the opportunity to try my hand at this form. To contain my excitement and get inspired, I started a pottery board on pinterest with creative ceramics and 3-D objects that I like. Feel free to take a peek. I am particularly fond of pottery that has patterns or eyelets inspired by textiles and lace, as well as artists like Diem Chau (below) who mix fiber and porcelain for delicate storytelling with big impact.

Do you have a favorite potter or clay artist to share?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New York City.

If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that I recently made a quick trip to New York City. My visit there was pretty specific: see the Cindy Sherman show at the MoMA and the Francesca Woodman show at the Guggenheim before they closed. Not only was I excited to see work from the two artists I admired most when I was studying photography in college, but it was my first time visiting both of these museums, so the whole thing was pretty epic. Throw in a cute boutique hotel, a visit to the High Line, some great food, a little sightseeing, and you've got a pretty amazing weekend in New York City! Here is a bombardment of photos I took. Hope you enjoy!