Thursday, January 22, 2009


Please add this to the list of things to make someday when I either:

-have a ton of extra time + money
-my own flock of sheep to sheer and provide me an unlimited supply of yarn...

a gorgeous knit coat pattern from Blue Sky Alpaca named, presumably, after one of my favorite style icons! The photo here isn't very large, but if you click on over to the pattern you can see it close up and maybe even start making yourself one. Yellow would be pretty too. or eggplant. or teal.

ok, enough with the posting + dreaming and on with knitting! Thanks for your motivational feedback on the top and dress (yeah, right!) below.

Friday, January 16, 2009

elegance all day long.

How crazy would it be to knit a dress? Especially something like this dress below, which Rosemary sent me the link to. Amazing! The pattern is only $3.00 but I am sure the yarn to make it would cost a small fortune.

I have been quite smitten with the vintage look lately. A few months ago, Rosemary also gave me a set of old knitting books that she found at an estate sale in Vermont. Just one glance at the Jackie O hair-do's and mod mini dresses you can probably guess them to be circa 1965. These books are so fun to look at. The photography and styling alone is just great!

Here are a few of my fave looks.

I love them all, but can't seem to get the the Lacy Evening Sweater (below) out of my head. It is by far one of the best knit things I have ever seen... I am planning to make this sweater in 2009! I am thinking of Blue Sky Alpaca's Silk in either Peacock, Peridot or Ginger and hope to have it done by summertime, or more likely the fall. I think it will be just as fun to knit as it will be to (eventually) wear! The pattern describes it to be "perfect for cocktails-into-dinner" but I think it will look cute when drinking before any meal. [haha!]