Monday, September 07, 2009

Finished projects + leftovers.

I finished knitting my Springtime Bandit! It knit up so fast, but I enjoyed every moment of it. I was baffled by the construction of this piece, knit from the long edge out. It wasn't until I got a good ways through the chart that I understood it, but continued to be amazed. Working with the Ultra Alpaca was such a great experience, too. I have another skein of it leftover (I bought 3 because I loved the color so much!) and might make a hat to match. Thanks to Rosie for suggesting this fun project and knitting along with me! Even though we are miles away, modern technology brought our knitting together. Magical!

I also finished another projects recently: Fetching fingerless gloves from I think it's funny that this project is designed to be knit up in a weekend, and it took me closer to a month to finish. They sat for about 2 weeks without thumbs!

The yarn I used is Berocco's Inca Gold and, as you can see, there are leftovers of that too!
What to make next?

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!