Friday, February 10, 2006

sew sew

Before I ever learned to knit or even had an interest, I rocked the sewing machine and made a cute dress from some rather ugly pants and a floral tapestry coat from the old curtains in my high school's auditorium. I had a sewing teacher who wouldn't let us create anything unless it was perfect -- all seems HAD to line up, no hand sewn hems could show, loose threads snipped, etc. This taught me a lot about the craft but also earned me a barely-passing grade in the class since I spent more time taking stitches OUT then putting them into my fabric. I've always had a sewing machine, but since I picked up my larger needles and learned to knit, its gathered quite a bit of dust. Today I decided to bring back the old times and play around with sewing on test swatch of felt.

This time I knew I could go crazy and leave threads hanging wherever I wanted! I am liking the results. Here are some pictures I took before I even finished.

(sorry the photos aren't too clear. when I sell enough stuff I'll get a real digital camera.)

Here's the final piece, glowing in the afternoon light.


Angela said...

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