Monday, July 24, 2006

pattern wanted!

it's hard to find time and motivation to work on projects in the summer. cookouts, croquet games, kickball, fireworks, rock shows and beach going seem more tempting than my needles nearly every night. but i am encouraging myself to, if anything, get started on the cute knit accessories that i want to have and give my friends in time for fall. this may mean having someone stand over my shoulder and tell me not to start on another project before i have completed at least something from my abyss of unfinished knits.

This magazine cover jumped out at me in the store the other day. i loooove the grey hat she's wearing and also, inside, a darker colored one. that's exactly what i want to make and if i knew how, i would have no trouble knitting one up without distraction. does anyone know a way to get those kind of stitches? any suggectiosn welcome and maybe i will make you a hat!

1 comment:

rachel. said...

i love this hat! make me one!!!