Tuesday, November 07, 2006

blogger saved me.

My computer was comatose for a couple days and I had to send her off to apple to get fixed. All is fine now, except everything that was on my hard drive from the past year (I did back up on nov. 2005) was erased. Now I am slowly putting everything back in place.

Silly, but I was bummed that I lost pictures and notes from all the knitting projects I had done in the past year -- felted bags, armwarmers, the knit tank, etc. but behold -- the blog! I have it all right here. online and ready. So in a way keeping this blog was not a goofy waste of my time. an entire years archive exists in a place I hopefully can't erase it.

Did you all remember to go vote today??
i hope you did.

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Angela said...

Yay for blogs. The same thing happened to my hard drive when I graduated college in May. Almost everything from my four years of school is gone...