Friday, January 05, 2007

Knitting in New Mexico.

Well here I am, winter in Las Cruces, NM, visiting Nick and spending our lazy days in the sun. We have been taking long walks, visiting parks, cooking yummy meals, reading plenty of books and, of course, I brought along my knitting! But this glorious vacation cannot last forever... after a quick trip to San Francisco (to see Stella on my birthday!) I will be heading back to New England to get back to work, winter and my family and friends there.

In the meantime I have been knitting a simple scarf for my Dad. He wanted something specifically 26" long and 4-5" wide. A short scarf that he could tuck inside the collar of his coat and keep out the chill. Nothing hanging, no fringe, no cables, buttons or frills. I think I completed that task!

Seemed a little dull at first, but after I started knitting in the 1 x 1 rib pattern I found a calming beauty in the simplicity and a meditation in the monotony. It came out quite nice and I am excited to give it to him. In the meantime I have let Paco model it for you (above.)

I have also been busy at work making my first pair of mittens! well they aren't quite yet a pair. Still just one mitten, but I am happy with it's turnout and ready to begin the second. They are made out of the same grey speckled "tweed" yarn, which was all I brought with me. I am thinking that after this mitten i am going to need a new fiber badly and was glad I discovered Unravel, a gorgeous little knitting shop in the downtown mall. If anyone ever visits Las Cruces, be sure to stop in there!

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