Wednesday, April 25, 2007

knitting in squares.

Here's a preview of the new bag I am working on:

I am using the intarsia technique to create 5 x 5 st squares in lime green on the front and back of this blue tote. When I am done it will be felted and the stitches will not show, but the pattern will. I am hoping to do 6 rows of 5 squares, but thinking I may quit at 3!

It was hard to get used to this technique at first, and the yarn gets all twisted up which is a pain, but I am beginning to like it more and more and can't wait for the end results! I have been thinking about making a felted bag like this for awhile and even if it takes me all summer to construct, I am glad to be bringing it to life.

More pictures as it takes shape. It's sort of shapeless now.

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