Wednesday, May 07, 2008

nothing much here.


I am just dropping by to say hello! I don't have much to show you except buckets of sunshine and anticipation of warm(er) weather. I know winter ended months ago, but I feel like spring is just starting to show it's face around these parts and things are just beginning to bloom. It's lovely, but kind of a distraction from my projects and I think I may already be nearing the point of my blogging summer hiatus! In just a few weeks I'll be living in a new house, start my full time summer job and finally see all my friends I've missed over the winter. I apologize in advance for the neglect, but please stay tuned... because there's always a few polaroids or finished projects to share!

the knitting part.

Oh, I do have one question, for those of you who have knit lace before...
I'm working on a scarf and having a ton of fun (though I don't want to show it off until it's done!!) I've neared the end of one skein of yarn and am wondering how to start the second with out it being too noticeable. I feel like with the delicate, airy fibers it will be tricky to hide!

any suggestions?

Thanks and happy spring!!

*photos from my recent visit to las cruces, nm, where spring was already well under way.


Anonymous said...

So much exciting stuff to look forward to in Summer!

as for starting a new ball of yarn on your lace project:
How many plies does your yarn have? Usually I undo the ply of the working yarn and new ball of yarn and then ply them together... I made a post on it... check it out:

vanessa.e. said...


your trick worked perfectly! thanks for the little tutorial. i'm ready to keep goin' now!!