Sunday, July 17, 2011

ginkgo leaves in summer.

I finished knitting ginkgo on July 1st, blocked it on July 3rd, and finally photographed it today, July 17th! To me, that means it's finally done.

I increased the stockinette portion to 215 sts for a much larger shawl. I absolutely love the end result, even though I had to find another skein of yarn when I was pretty close to the end. This shawl took just a few yards over 4 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk.

I love how the little bit of lace punctuates the stockinette!

This was a truly wonderful project to knit. The pattern is designed by Maggie Magali and is available as a free download on her lovely blog Fragrant Heart.

Thanks to Nancy of for introducing me to this pattern!


Nancy Ricci said...

V, it is gorgeous... I love how you made it a bit larger, now I wish I had done the same!

v. said...

thanks Nancy! your shawl is beautiful too. Everything i knit always looks so small. I have never made/worn a really big flowy shawl! i knew this would be worth it.

thank you again for the inspiration! v

Maryse said...

This color is perfect and it is lovely! Seems like it was a fast knit!