Wednesday, September 07, 2011

early autumn.


I didn't mean to go so long without posting. Please don't mistakenly think I was 'On Vacation' (as my last post suggested) that whole time. I glanced at my blog occasionally and thought how nice that concept was though, so I guess that through my blog I was able to savor that sweet, summery week off I had back in early August a little bit longer.

I've been working on a flurry of knitting projects these last few weeks and getting excited as the weather cools and it starts feeling more and more like fall. I have nothing finished to show you though, the only thing I have completed in the last month was this, which I highly recommend.

it. was. amazing.

happy fall everyone!


suzy smalls said...

glad you're posting again! and i love your new blog header.

maybe you can lend me that book this winter when i have some time to read!

mrs.murray said...

this has been in my reading queue and on my kindle forever. i must begin it soon! i am currently rereading all of mary karr's books.. ugh. love that woman.