Friday, April 27, 2012

This winter I knit a new hat for my husband. I've knit him several hats since I began knitting 7 years ago and its pretty much always the same hat, knit again and again and again. Why argue with a man who knows what he likes?

Each hat has a ribbed brim, long enough for folding up AND covering the ears, stockinette body, not too loose, not too tight. I've created my own pattern for this (don't worry, I'll share it!) and its a pretty standard recipe. Yet every time I knit one of these hats, I rewrite the pattern. I make just enough changes that it feels like a different hat. My latest creation was a mix between my last set of instructions and this hat, which I sampled the crown decrease from

I'm very happy with how it turned out! 

And so is he!

Here's what I did:

Cast on 72 sts, with size 9US needles and joined to work in the round [please note, you may decide to use a different needle size with your choice of yarn to get a hat that will fit the wearer's head!]. 
Knit 5” of 2x2 rib. 
Switched to stockinette stitch and knit 4.5”. 
Begin decreasing: 
[another note: because the decrease instructions were written for another hat with 70 sts, there will be an extra st before the decrease in 2 repeats. i places these evenly apart - beginning and center - and you can’t even tell.]
  1. Next Rnd: *k5, k2tog*, rep from*
  2. Next Rnd: knit.
  3. Next Rnd: *k4, k2tog*, rep from*
  4. Next Rnd: knit.
  5. Next Rnd: *k3, k2tog*, rep from*
  6. Next Rnd: knit.
  7. Next Rnd: *k2, k2tog*, rep from*
  8. Next Rnd: knit.
  9. Next Rnd: *k1, k2tog*, rep from*
  10. Next Rnd: knit.
  11. Next Rnd: k2tog until 6 sts remain. Cut leaving a long end. Weave end through remaining sts, gather together and fasten off.
The yarn I used was Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash Chunky. It's super soft, cozy, and took just one skein!

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Meg said...

thanks for the pattern! The men in my life refuse to wear any hat other than a "regular hat", so this is perfect