Thursday, May 24, 2012

seeing green.

Trying to capture the exact shade green in this yarn is tricky. It's a lot like the shades of green I am seeing all around me in the city --growing out of dirt, on the sides of brick buildings, and sprinkling the rainy sidewalk. They are greens that vary bright and bold, deep and dark, backlit, and shaded. Just like the urban gardens and wild vines of ivy, this yarn has got it all. 

I also love how Audrey is knitting up. The seamless construction is fantastic, the fit is a-okay, and the pattern is easy to follow. It's been a great low-stress project that manages to still be challenging and fun.  I hope to post some finished pictures in the next few weeks!

Happy knitting!

{edit} just listened to a fascinating radiolab episode about color. Have a listen (while you knit!)


famousthecat said...

What a beautiful cardigan - and I LOVE the green comparison photos! It really is impossible to capture the lusciousness in color of certain yarns. You've done a really nice job!

Maryse said...

What a beautiful pattern! Beautiful post!