Saturday, November 12, 2005

the completed cami

this pattern came from a book i have called Teen Knitting Club. i am not a teen (i was once though...) but i undoubtably love this book! It features patterns for things you would actually want to wear (boys and girls) and the instructions are easily written out instead of in abbreviations. everything about it is very simplified which is helpful to beginners as well as more advanced or adventurous knitters who want to modify patterns or come up with their own designs. i made only a few small changes to the camisole and got something waaay different from the book, yet it fits me as the pattern said it would. knitting, like anything, can be a lot of fun when you learn the rules well enough to break them.


Li'l Pony said...

Nice knitting! I recently learned so I can appreciate the work that must have gone into that.

yahaira said...

That looks great!Ill have to check that book out