Monday, March 13, 2006

no, i haven't disappeared altogether.

I just haven't been blogging...

I have been working and knitting, reading and taking walks and just enjoying the winter as it winds to an end. I also don't have internet at my apartment, so it makes a lot more difficult to update. But next month I am moving! a lot will change! I've got to get ready! back soon.

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Angela said...

Thanks for the comment on Knittin' Kitten! I'm trying so much to get people to come to it, and I'm sure it's nice to see people actually reading your blog too. Yours looks good! Haha, Here's to knitting on the toilet!

P.S. I did some nebbing, and I saw on your profile that you're into pinhole. I am too, and am entering a collegiate art show/contest. I will be posting my pieces on The Knittin' Kitten soon. Check back!