Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sick day.

I stayed home sick today because of my plague-like symptoms. I started knitting my boyfriend another hat and am trying not to cough all over it.

Its a lot like the other ribbed hat I made, only it will only have ribbing on the brim and will continue with larger needles in the stockingette stitch... and hopefully this one will fit on the first try! I know it looks very small here, but the ribbing is supposed to be tight around the head and stretch out a lot.
I also realized how much more I prefer knitting round objects, like hats, on straight needles. Its a lot easier to decrease at the top as well as make an alterations on your piece while you're knitting it. Whenever I have tried to take out stitches in the round I get sooo confused. Not that I should be planning to take out any stitches, but sometimes you never know when you may change your mind with a pattern.

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