Friday, May 25, 2007

memorial day blues

I finished knitting my blue and green checkered intarsia bag, and now I am preparing it for felting! Lots of loose ends to tie in and shoulder handles to sew on.

Well, it's Memorial Day Weekend! The weekend everything on our tiny tourist Island begins. The crowds will be flooding in tomorrow, the restaurants will be crowded, the boats off schedule and traffic galore. but summer on the vineyard is always fun, too. and coming home from work and sitting on the deck, having a beer and working on a craft is what I look forward to all during my busy day.

That, and Sundays off to go to the beach.

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domestic shorthair said...

You have my sympathy with regard to the crowds; I can't imagine Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket during the summer. What a lovely place to live, though! My family lived on Nantucket when I was very little and I treasure the memories.