Friday, May 11, 2007

Button Up! Bag

You may recall I started sewing this bag almost a year ago! Then I put it aside never to be finished... until today. I had never really thought of a clever way to attach the handles and not have my sloppy hand stitches show. Today I got the idea to sew on these buttons when I saw some Lili Pulitzer bags in a shop window downtown Edgartown. I'd never thought I'd be inspired by a Lili purse, but I must admit I am a fan of the vintage look. And it was the perfect way to finish off my design!

The fabric is old, found, or more so 'gifted' to me by someone who knew I liked to sew things. There is more scrap fabric where this came from and there should be more bags! I like the way this came out, too bad it took me a year to make it. If I make more in other colors/prints and you think you would like to own one, leave me a comment below. I'll think up a price. And I definitely could whip one up in much less time than it took me to make this!

inside is lined with the same print, but next time I think I will make it a surprise!

xoxo. v


Angela said...

I love that bag it hasmy name aritten all over it:) Is it possible to get one for myself and the pattern? How much for both? Also the knit bag with squares ADORABLE. At first I thought the sq were fish. The colors would be perfecr for that...floating fish.

vanessa.e. said...

hi angela...
thank you for your compliments!

send me an email at and i will send you some info about the price i had in mind for the bag. or maybe we could trade things or something. i don't really have a pattern to shore because i just made it up, but i could include instructions on what i did!

let me know. thanks. v