Wednesday, June 27, 2007

polaroid behavoir.

nick found 2 polaroid cameras at the dump this weekend. both have a flash and one even has a self timer. they are in the newer variety of cameras and both take 600 film so no modification neccessary. i just ordered a 10 pack of film. that is potential for 100 shots! i am sure that only a third of them will be good. thats the beauty of photography!

here's one i took on the new ferry a couple of weeks ago.

I am so in love with the polaroid process, if you cannot tell! I love to explore my surroundings through photography and I find that the best way is with the simplest kind of cameras - holgas, dianas, pinholes, polaroids. They show us the world in a way closer to how the eye sees it, not in the fancy, magnificent way of a more formal lens. Plus they show us the world often how we remember it, with a few blurry details and distortion on the edges. But i think the best part of the polaroid is, obviously, the instant gratification of watching it develop in your hand... moments after taking the picture! wayyyy more satisfying than digital. That is too exact, too punctual, too true. Every polaroid, no matter how long I spend framing the shot in my view finder or staring at a certain scene everyday, every image is a surprise as it emerges from in the fog in the little white square.

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