Wednesday, June 06, 2007

summer wastin'

it feels like summer. and the best things about this summer is that:

a. i get to spend my days with nick here.
b. i actually get days off!

i had a sunday off recently and we had a blissfully relaxing day, sitting outside in the overgrown grass, reading our books (i just finished a man without a country) and playing with the polaroid camera. I am addicted to taking polaroids. oh! it is so so addictive and the light here is so so nice!

I had to perform a few slight modifications since the camera is built for time/zero film and polaroid stopped making that about a year ago. now i scrounge through walgreens whenever i am off island looking for expired 600 film on sale... i am a polaroid junkie!
just look at the images... they are gorgeous!

so we had a great day off together. and topped it with a yummy dinner on the grill and a trip to lambert's cove beach to get our toes wet in the surf.


eicats said...
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eicats said...

what a sweet entry!

i will keep an eye out for polaroid film for you. please tell me *exactly* what to get though, so i don't screw up!