Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This Old Hat.

I made this hat about a year and a half ago, or sometime long ago. I feel like it was before this type of slouchy, oversized beret became very stylish (but then again I wasn't really paying attention to when that happened either.) I knew this artist who showed at the Gallery where I worked and always wore a loooong slouchy black beret. Very 'artist'. It suited her though. I only got to meet her a few times before she passed away in 2006. When I started working on this hat, making up the pattern and shaping it to be a wide, drooping beret, I thought of her.

The finished hat's not all that big and droopy. It has a perfect fit. It's just a little large for my small head. If anyone has a head that's a little bit bigger than mine (or a bit more hair!) than it will fit them correctly. So I have decided to add it to my online store!


Abby said...

I love that hat! But I am so not a hat person, and my head is way larger than it looks in real life. I "hearted" you on etsy because we have to be connected through every internet venue possible.

suzysmalls said...

that hat's adorable. craft night sunday sounds great to me!