Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Vineyard Visit.

Almost as good as living on the Island, is going back to visit. This past weekend I headed down to Martha's Vineyard for a little quality relaxation, a chance to see some good friends and an afternoon of knitting with the cats by the fire.
rosie preparing her fabric to sew.

briana's embroidery.

midge looking smug.

What's better than crafting and cats? Oh, a delicious roasted chicken and pea risotto dinner made by Rosemary and meeting all our friends at the Art Cliff Diner for breakfast. Anytime you have to take a ferry to get breakfast it has to be good.

our similarities.

But mostly it was just fun to be back on the Island and see a lot of the people that make that place so significant to me. I had several serendipitous moments where I ran into people who I really wanted to see but hadn't planned to. I love that magic of a small island.

Thank you again, Rosie, for sharing your Grandma's beautiful house with us! It's a very special place. It was fun to see you and let the craft night tradition live on.

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