Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I'm still working on my sweater here... not much excitement besides nearing it's completion. Rows and rows of yellow yarn. No exciting photographs can be made of it, really, so I decided to post some other knitting/crocheting projects that look tempting and beautiful.

If only I could crochet....

I'd make this from the purl bee! They have wonderful patterns, designs and fibers. I wish I had the patience, time and skill to knit them all!

Thinking ahead to next winter, I'd like to whip up a pair or two of these:

The pattern is free on Lion Brand's site.
Also on the purl bee site is this wonderful Bird Seed Scarf. I'm thinking of an easy project to knit up when I am on the plane this week (yes, traveling on friday!) and a scarf might be the perfect thing to get lost in while I listen to my ipod and drift above the clouds.

What projects have you been working on lately?

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gettingpurlywithit said...

I love fingerless gloves and armwarmers!

I am working a knitted choli and I am knitting up fingerless gloves.