Thursday, March 20, 2008

springtime, for knitters!

I think I chose the perfect time to start knitting a sweater. I've been talking about making one for awhile, but first I had to get through all the winter projects, the inventory for my store, gifts and orders and, ahhh, now it's time to knit for me! And springtime, too. Working with inexpensive acrylic yarn yields a perfect weight sweater for spring and keeps the cost of materials in a realm that makes me feel ok if my first finished garment isn't perfect. Plus the color I (finally!) chose is warm and sunny and a delight to work with, mostly because I can't wait to wear it!

I ended up knitting an entire sleeve (instead of a swatch) with the yellow yarn I was indecisive about the other day. Comparing the colored yarns I was debating with the colors in my closet (as suggested) I found the rest of my wardrobe is mostly black, denim, and more black so any splash of color is warmly welcomed! I had a yellow sweater in mind before I even began, so I decided to go with that.

I picked the pattern for my sweater (shown in purple, above) from Lion Brand's collection of free patterns, but the inspiration for springtime knits came from many places. Rosemary sent me a link to these cardigans from Little Grey Bungalow, a great blog with vintage inspired looks. Patterns for both of these spring sweaters are there, too!

The Gap has an adorable (but tiny!) waffle knit cardigan on it's shelves this spring. I feel like I could knit that up in a cinch and for less than $39.50, but I'm taking it one sweater at a time.

And as always, there's springtime at Anthropologie. sigh.... anthropologie!

They've got a bigger crop of lightweight, floral embroidered, warm-weather knits than I can cut and paste here! Now we just need the warm weather to cooperate. Maybe by the time my sweaters done!

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