Sunday, August 03, 2008

Quiet Time.

Hello... I'm still here.

It has quite possibly been awhile since I last posted (a month!) mainly because I haven't had much to post about. Between working, going out, swimming in the ocean, working some more and spending quality time with my houseguests, I haven't had a single moment to sit down and stitch. No knitting, sewing or crafting for awhile! That's not to say I haven't enjoyed the last month of summer time fun. I've been doing everything good that you should be doing when you live on a gorgeous New England island in the summer -- including a little relaxation!

I've also been keeping up with so many of my favorite blogs, glancing at them each day on my lunch break. I'm get so many ideas for knitting, crafting and photo projects as well as fall fashion inspiration.

I'll be back with plenty of new and completed projects soon! Hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer!

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