Thursday, August 20, 2009

winter whimsy.

Not only is the Winter Whimsy pattern book from Classic Elite Yarns full of gorgeous sweaters and accessories I want to make, but it's photographed by one of my all-time favorite ladies Cig Harvey!

I love the bright pop of color that gets added to an otherwise dark and gray season.

Cig taught at the Art Institute of Boston when I was a student there and although I didn't have the chance to take a class with her, I loved to print in the lab when she was, just so I could chat with her and peak at what she was working on. Her work was such an inspiration to my own!

Looking at these images makes me long for a cold, snowy winter (just a teeny bit!) rather than the mild one that I know is ahead. I can't say I miss the hassle of snow and ice, or that I would trade it for the sunny southwest, but perhaps I am a little homesick and, well, being from New England, the whimsy of a winter wonderland are just part of who I am!

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Maryse said...

Being a Quebecer and loving to knit, I'm sort of in a dilemma... I think I want more summer! Nice pictures indeed!