Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the creative habit

Last week my friend Abby blogged about Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit. Feeling like I have grown further and further from what was once a very creative life, I decided to give this well-known book a read. Its a wonderful resource for how to handle your creativity and get past roadblocks that stop us from often being creative. Many of the techniques can be applied to all aspects of "working" life. Mainly, I have been applying the ideas to myself as a knitter and how I could eventually treat my hobby as a business without spoiling my love for the craft.

Just curious, readers (if there are any readers out there) do you knit/sew/crochet/craft as a business? Do you ever think about trying it? what prevents you? what challenges do you face? how do you overcome them? Basically, I would like to open up a little discussion here. Please don't be shy...

I have more I want to say on this topic too. Let me gather my thoughts...

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Anonymous said...


I recently started to approach my knitting as some sort of business. I promised myself that no matter what, I always should have fun.

I had meetings with graphic designers and webdesigners and that was so great. And fun.

Not so fun it became when I had to crank out production knitting. Or knitting a piece over and over again to see if it is without error.

That part, I didn't like.

Right now, I am in a sweet productive and creative wave. But sometimes, that energy is completely not present. So when that wave hits me, I ride it hard :)