Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cairn + Coffee

As proposed, this month is going to be all about getting stuff done! Earlier this week I finished knitting Cairn in Berroco's Ultra Alpaca yarn. I had fun playing with color combinations for these little gloves, especially because I have so many shades of Ultra Alpaca in my stash. These were knit for a friend who I know loves trees and nature, so the color combo seemed just right!

The weather is getting warm here in southern New Mexico, so it's time to start brewing my favorite summer beverage: cold brew coffee! A few years ago, Rosie introduced me to the New York Times article about it and got me hooked! The Blue Bottle Coffee Co. in San Francisco -- and now Brooklyn, NY -- is also known for this delicious drink. It's pretty simple to make at home with some mixing bowls and a strainer. I just buy regular espresso, though the chicory is good too.

Find the recipe here and enjoy!


Maryse said...

Your Cairn look really good in these colors! They seem really warm! Good work!

ms Givens said...

Love the cute fingerless gloves!