Tuesday, April 06, 2010

starting over.

I bought the yarn and pattern to make the Sundrop Cardigan when I was at Webs last year in May. I knit the back panel, one front panel, and, upon completion of the second panel, realized that my pieces were not going to fit together. I had counted inches, not rows or pattern repeats, and everything was going to be off. Seaming it looked like it would be a nightmare. So what did I do? I folded it up nearly and put it in a drawer, where it sat for six months....

I dug it out recently because I wanted to finish it and I knew, unfortunately, that this would mean starting over. What a pain!!! But I am so glad I did. I cast on for all three panels and am knitting the whole thing in one swoop right up to the armholes. No seams to worry about! I also went and made the button band and button holes a lot smaller because I did not really like how they looked when I knit them the first time (and added an extra pattern repeat to compensate). I really enjoy working in this stitch pattern and, honestly, I don't mind knitting it twice! Now, if I can only finish it and wear it with a cute summer dress, because the weather's getting awfully nice here in southern New Mexico!

So, lessons learned:

  • count rows, not inches.
  • it's okay to give projects a 'time out'.
  • having to start over is better than finishing something that you know you will never wear/use.
Hope this advice comes in handy for you, too!


Maryse said...

It will be so beautiful! It sure was worth making it right! Look forward to see it finished! I'm glad to read that you enjoyed the pattern!

gettingpurlywithit said...

Yup, this too, is knitting: starting all over!

Great advice here, Vanessa... if you work hard on a piece, it had better be just right because you want to wear it and be happy with it in the end!

vanessa.e. said...

Thank you both for your feedback and support. I love having readers like you!!