Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Something for You!

wow! Its been over a month since I shared anything here on the blog. I figured you were all tired of the half made and occasionally finished objects I usually parade in these posts, so today I thought I would share something different: something for you to make!

Here is a free download for a bulky cable purse pattern I created called Instant Gratification!

---> download now <---

Instant Gratification is a handbag knit with bulky weight yarn and features simple cables, knits, and purls. This is a great pattern for beginners, especially those who want to learn cables. It's knit flat and then folded in half and seamed on the sides. You can line the bag with pretty fabric, too! You only need about a half yard.

The best part about this bag, is that it knits up quick, hence the name. I hope you find it as fun and 'gratifying' to knit as I did!

You may wish to make this bag for yourself or give it as a handmade gift. You may also want to share the pattern with someone else who loves to knit, or who has been searching for something just like it. It is okay to give away this pattern, to knit it, share it, and even modify it as you wish, I just ask that you give me proper credit as the designer. That's all. Commercial use is not allowed, so I ask that you do not make and sell this bag. If you have any questions or exceptions please feel free to contact me. That's all I ask! Thank you!

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Maryse said...

Wow! Congratulations! It's a pretty bag! I love the name!