Friday, January 13, 2006

cable ready

It was my birthday two days ago and (I'm such a geek) between going out celebrating and unwrapping graciously given gifts, I taught myself how to do cable stitches! I was up late the other night studying a book from the library and found that they are pretty easy. I'm almost done with a little purple newsboy cap.

When I was downtown the other day I stopped in the local yarn shop and bought myself a cable needle (woo hoo! $2! big splurge!) and also a very cool button that I don't need right now but am sure I will find a use for. It was a whopping $2.50 (more than the cable needle) for, COME ON, a BUTTON!! But if you saw it you would have to have it too. And it is after all my birthday!

Walking home I was thinking about buttons and various ways make my own so I don't have to spend $2.50 everytime I finish a bag. When I was looking in the shop for a wooden toggle the woman working there recommended using a small branch or stick with two fine holes drilled in it. That's innovative! But my bags are a bit funkier and the outdoorsiness might not go. Plus that was her idea, I needed my own. Suddenly my booted toe kicked a piece of metal and I had it.

Looking down at my feet I saw a Heineken bottle cap. Red star in the center, rusted around the edges. Perfect. At home nick and I save a jar of bottle caps from just about every drink we've had in the past year for god knows what reason. When I got there I went straight for the jar and got out my hammer. I started flattening the caps and pushing the rough edges underneath. Taking my awl I poked two small holes in the center. Perfect. A funky little recycled button and it didn't cost a thing....

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