Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Making the Bag.

This bag started in the air between Boston and El Paso.
Flying earned me several hours of uninterrupted knitting time while listening to all 69 of the Magnetic Feilds Love Songs. When I arrived in New Mexico I had the workings of a bag as blue as the southwestern sky!

The pattern was amalgamated from several that I got from online sources before I left. I started by casting on 36 sts and knitting strait garter sts for approx. 3" (16 rows) to create the bag's base, then picking up sts along all sides and knitting in the round for about 8". The bag is bigger and floppier than I would want it but thats ok! I have to allow for shrinkage! I still plan to add another color for contrast and fashion a handle. Once the bag in felted and complete I'll post the entire pattern!

Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

awesome. have you tried tote bags?

vanessa.e. said...

hey "anon". state your name!! i am knitting a tote now, hopefully to fit my laptop snuggly inside. have you knit one before or have a pattern you want to share? v