Wednesday, June 28, 2006

bags bags bags

I didn't make this.... friend rachel did and I think its adorable!

Plus its for sale!

$45 american dollars and it shall be yours....
hurry and buy one before she sells out and raises her prices or sells exclusively through some boutique in new york city you cannot even afford to look in. yea, they're that cute.

I, on the other hand, have had little in the lines of production lately. I have become the queen of starting projects and letting them pile up beside my couch, unfinished. Currently in the works:
- a drop stitch scarf made from some gorrrrgeous teal wool I bought off island.
- a hotttt pink bag with I am going to felt and donate to the Garden Gate schoo's silent auction.
- sewing the wooden handles on the bag you see below...
- i don't even know what else. sleep, perhaps?

1 comment:

rachel. said...

oh you are toooo kind. but yes, GET EM WHILE THEIR HOT!!