Friday, June 30, 2006

I wish I was making a cable knit hat.

Looks can be decieving.
This purple cable knit cap that I made from the 2nd Stitch and Bitch book is not as cute and snug fitting as this image shows. Its actually too short and too wide around my head. so i pinned it in the back and cropped the photo. It would be quite adorable if it fit me as desired... or if I had followed the pattern as directed.

I learned a new, proper way to cast on yesterday!

My euro-knitting friend, Kristin (right), was visiting and we sat upon my couch teaching each other new things. I never realized how much i knew (and didn't know!) until i shared my knitting time with someone else. I also got a chance to dive into some old projects (like this hat) and finsih them up. Unfortunely I probably will not wear this hat, but I plan to make another and this time i'll know what i need to do right!


Angela said...

You should give your hat to someone with 'fro.

vanessa.e. said...

i really am determined to fit it on someone. if you know anyone with maybe a short fro, let me know. the hat is just not long enough to cover too much head.

suzy smalls said...

vanessaaa! hi.
i like your blog...
i think i'll see you tonight for the fireworks?
and tomorrow for CRAFT NIGHT!
i have something (temporarily, in a somebody's-birthday sort of way) secret to show you.