Monday, January 14, 2008


Friday was my birthday, as well as Nick's last night before leaving. We met a bunch of friends in Boston for dinner at Wagamama, complete with Japanese beers, edamame, fire trucks and restaurant evacuation. Yup. All in an exciting night out.

Besides joining us for dinner, my friends gave me some really cool gifts. Rosie stitched me this lovely knitting needle carrier, personalized with my initials and in one of my favorite shades of blue. I had lots of fun filling it with all my frequently misplaced needles and taking photos of it.

And Stacie, knowing about my obsession with both art books and sheep, spotted this perfect paperback when she was in Venice. And brought it all the way back for me!

Just look at these guys!!

Stacie's been in the car with me several times when I drove past the sheep in the field near my old house on the Vineyard. I used to get such pleasure out of seeing them out there with their heads buried in the grass. Now I can gaze at these lovely sketches without risking an accident.

Thanks guys, for some terrificly thoughtful gifts!

Nick surprised me the most with a print I had been admiring from She Hit Pause Studio in New York. I should get a shot of it on my wall where it looks perfect framed and hanging up in the corner near my records, but I've been too busy catching up on my knitting and felting projects I've been neglecting. Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday! The needle carrier is beautiful.

Bec said...

Hey, happy birthday!!!

What great gifts. Must be a good month for birthdays (it's my birthday tomorrow :P)

So will we be seeing knitted sheep anytime soon?