Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cool Beanies.

I made these classic, beanie-style hats for Nick's brothers as sort of a belated Christmas present. They saw the one I made for Nick a few years ago and really liked it. I was happy to make them their own!

The pattern is basically the 'Hot Head' hat by Alex Zorn from the Stitch and Bitch book. I changed the pattern by knitting with a solid color yarn and making the hat several inches longer. I like the versatility of the longer hat; to be able to pull the brim down over your ears when it's frigid or to roll the brim up when you want that old fisherman look.

The K2 P2 rib is always interesting to knit with since it's like an accordian and looks SO SMALL when your working on it. I had a fear these hats would never fit the boys who are going to be wearing them, but I finished I was reassured that they do stretch...

...a lot.


Anonymous said...

Your expert craftsperson ship totally changed my mind about hats. I love my hat, I wear it almost everyday. I do have a question about washing it though namely: can I?

suzy smalls said...

sad to say that is JUST how it goes down in history. i've tried! but those two are too busy nesting with their boyfriends.

these hats came out great! a photo of the hats on their owners' heads is probably too much to ask for, huh? in any case, good yarn choices and excellent hatmaking.

kangaroo said...

hey there...i stumbled across your blog because i just posted my version of the hothead, which was my first knitting project. yours is GORGEOUS and so is all of your other work! happy new year!