Wednesday, September 03, 2008

slow stitches.

I am always impressed when knitters whip up an amazing project in just a few days or less. Haven't quite figured out if I am too distracted, lack focus or just enjoy taking my time, but I am officially not a speedy knitter! I've worked on this scarf for several months now -- 5! -- sometimes stitching for lengths of time while tuned into NPR or my ipod, other times just picking up a row here and there while I waited to my coffee to perk or during commercials on Project Runway.

One of the tricky things I learned about knitting lace is you can't multitask. No knitting while I'm on the phone or watching tv as I usually do, this precise pattern forced me to count every stitch and keep track of what row I was on, never straying far from the instructions which were printed out nearby on a sheet of scrap paper. Many times this summer I felt too consumed by work, company and warm weather activities to really care what row I was on or if this project would ever be completed, but now that it's done I love it and can't wait to add it to my fall wardrobe!

I'm really happy with how it came out. Blocking the scarf made a huge difference in revealing the details of the intricate lace. I simply soaked it in room temperature water for a few minutes, gently rang it out and then let it dry flat on a towel outside. You don't have to dry it outside, I just thought the warm, late summer air would make it a bit more special.

So now it's on to the wintery knits -- ribbed and cable knit hats, maybe a neckwarmer or cowl, and that sweater I really want to finish. But this is not it for me and lace! I really loved making this scarf and look forward to tackling some more complicated knits. Please, if you have any patterns you love, do share them with me! I'm always up for the challenge of something new.


Stacie said...

This is really pretty!

Nick said...

5! months = 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120 months. Wow!

Kylie said...

Oh I love it - and I am with you - it takes me forever to knit something (other than a beanie of course) I think that I get bored too easily and I then go and start something else. Truth be known, I am a slow knitter and just pretending I know what I am doing LOL

vanessa.e. said...
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