Thursday, December 25, 2008

Knitting Round Up!

Is it the end of the year already? wow. A lot happened this year, I had 3 different addresses and held 3 different jobs. whew! how ever did I have time for any knitting? well, I did, a little bit at least, mostly in the last few months when things slowed down. I really regret not working a little harder and opening my etsy shop this Holiday. I had such a great time with it last year. I do hope to do it again but for now it sits abandoned, a 'gone fishin' sign hung on the door, hoping someone returns soon...

what have i been so busy working on these last few weeks? well, lets take a look and see....

Scarves for friends!

I decided to make both of Nick's brothers a scarf for Christmas, and whipped these up in 2 weeks time! I used Berroco's Cuzco yarn to knit to knit up thick and quick.

Man-sized mittens for Nick!

I used knitty's "build your own mitten template" to get all the calculations correct, but changed the decrease to the instructions on this pattern. Mittens are pretty tough for me, I have to admit. I'm not good at making things in 2's and had some trouble with the thumb. But, all issues resolved Nick's pretty happy with his mitts and they keep his fists warm on the handlebars.

A new beret!

I based this hat on the Le Slouch but added a few details of my own.

Interweave Knit's Zig Zag Hat!

As blogged about already, I love this hat and made one for myself... and one for a friend.

oh, and a few fun swatches!

Purchasing the book Super Stitches Knitting gave me lots of fun stitches to try and more ideas for things to create.

This year, I've become a much more patient knitter. Working with some finer materials and with more difficult patterns, I've become more fond of knitting swatches and trying different needle sizes and stitches before I decided just how to proceed with my projects. No more diving right in! This leaves me feeling much more confident with my stitches as I work and although it might be en extra step, I feel more productive and am happy with the end result.

so... I am looking forward to what 2009 knitting brings me. Perhaps I will finally start and finish a sweater... or learn to knit socks... or brighten things up with a few more colorful felted bags! who knows? but watch this space... and share with me what you're making, too. I'm on ravelry as vanessa.e and flickr, too.



Bec said...

Hey there, I hope you have a wonderful New Year - it sounds like this one has been a big one. Hopefully next year will be just as full of fun and handmade goodness!! Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my first market stall - it was lots of fun :)
I hope you had a lovely Christmas with loved ones (the gifts you have made are just beautiful - and I especially like your beret), and here's to a fantastic 2009! X Bec
PS. Guess what my word verification for this comment is...."undies". How funny is that, it's the first time I've ever had a real word to type before...he he...I'm so immature, sorry :P

abby said...

I love the mittens! Gray and red is such a nice, classic combination. I hope you find the time to reopen your shop and stock it with more hats. :)

I've tried to work harder on my knitting as well but, so far, I've only finished one full scarf and many, many swatches just to pass the time. Here's to knitting in 2009.

vanessa.e. said...

thanks guys! happy new year to you both as well. abby i want to see some of your knitting and Bec your word varification is cracking me up!!

Beth said...


I know it's been over a year, but do you recall the way you changed the "Le Slouch" pattern to add the cheveron pattern to Wendy's original pattern (I have her version of Le Slouch)?

Your hat came out quite lovely, in any case.

vanessa.e. said...

Hi Beth,

I kept the same amount of stitches that wendy used so that my hat would be the same size. i worked in the chevron pattern for the body of the hat and then decreased exactly as she did.

The only major change i made was knitting the hat flat on straight needles and seaming it, instead of in the round. I did this because the directions i had for the chevron stitch were not in the round. I will try to write up a pattern for the stitch in the round, if that helps you. Glad you like the hat!!


Beth said...

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for the info. I would definitely appreciate a pattern for doing the chevron in the round if/when you have time--I know we're all busy this time of year.

Lovely hat; lovely blog!

vanessa.e. said...

thank you! i would be happy to do it. i have been meaning to, actually. i will post it here when it's done!!

Happy knitting! v