Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Vintage-style Apron Take Two.

Last year my grandmother asked me to make her an apron similar to one her aunt had growing up. She showed me the apron – it tied in the back and did not go over the head – but I couldn’t find a similar pattern anywhere! I ended up constructing one by tracing the original apron and making my own pattern pieces. It came out ok but two things kind of threw me: 1) not being experienced enough of a sewer to know how to put it together without instructions. I did a bunch of things in the wrong order. 2) Bias tape… having NEVER sewn with it before I ventured out with little direction and attempted to make my own tape. This was a LOT of work and the results were just so-so. I kept searching around and eventually found a vintage pattern from this etsy seller that was PERFECT! This year I returned to my apron with a bit more experience and decided to line the apron rather than deal with the tape. Also, I like how the lining gives it a bit more substance, since the fabric I used was kind of thin.

Oh and I must add that yes, my grandmother LOVES country western, so the fabric of choice is completely appropriate! I’m so excited with how this came out I am not even waiting til Christmas, I am sending it to her today.

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suzy smalls said...

this is beautiful, vanessa! i know your grandma is going to be thrilled. it's inspiring me to make myself a smock/apron or two. cute + practical = what i need.