Monday, October 10, 2011

the journey is the destination.

Am I different from a lot of knitters in that my enthusiasm for knitting is deeply embedded in the process rather than the final product? Although I am always pretty thrilled to wear a sweater, gift a pair of mittens, or show off a shawl, knitting is more about the making than the wearing for me. Because of this I work pretty slow and careful, obsessing over tiny details and pausing at every stage of the project to take things in (I also get distracted or don't pay attention and make loads of errors which I have to redo, but that's a different blog post!) I don't think I could ever knit a sweater in a weekend, no matter the pattern or yarn, and to be honest, I don't even think I would want to...

This particular sweater is the story of several months in my life, starting on the February day my friend Rosie and I traveled to Portland, ME and purchased Quince & Co. yarn from KnitWit (as well as ate french fries in Duckfat, admired pretty garments in Chellis Wilson, and poured over cookbooks at Rabelais). The journey continued through the spring as I worked through the colorful charts of bulky cable stitches from my seat on the sofa and carried me through the steamy summer months where I could only bear to hold a sleeve's worth of wool on my lap. It lead me right up to the fall, as a garment emerged and I began to get excited about paring with jeans and boots or tights and a dress... and maybe even to Rhinebeck next weekend?

These photos aren't great, but they capture the process and the satisfying moments that I paused and noted my progression. They are the journey, which is where the true essence of the story lies.

I still have to block this (and take some better photos) but I feel like the real project is done and that (to me) is as exciting as it was to cast on. It's new story is sure to be told with every wear.

Pattern: Aidez by Cirilia Rose
Yarn: Quince & Co.'s Osprey in Chantrelle
Modifications: Instead of knitting five separate pieces and seaming them, I knit left front, back, and right front panels as one piece, carefully following the multiple charts right up to the armpits (18"); knit the sleeves in the round on dpns till they were also 18" long; joined all the three pieces Elizabeth Zimmerman style to knit the yoke, shoulders as one piece incorporating raglan decreases; knit the collar to the back of the sweater; seamed the very back of the collar and kitchered the armpits. Voila! Forgot to do the waist shaping decreases. Oops.

For more project details please view my ravelry page or feel free to leave a question in the comments!


suzy smalls said...

what a lovely post. i can't wait to see you wearing this, maybe next weekend! so fun to see all of the progress pictures in a row like that.

Maryse said...

Wow! It's beautiful. That Quincy yarn! It also makes me want to knit a sweater and picture it every step of the way. Really enjoyed this post!

Nancy said...

Love this post! It tells the story of your knitting experience so beautifully...

Stunning sweater too!

Inky077 said...

This is a beautiful knitup. Knew it just had to be Quince yarn - look at that stitch definition!