Saturday, October 01, 2011

one year.

As September finishes I realize it's been one full year of living in the same state, the same city, the same apartment. It's not much of an accomplishment, just interesting to point out after so many years of moving (for good reasons!) from the city, to the island, to the desert, and back. And after one year I am continuously happy with where I live -- it's a good feeling!

The photo above is my most recent labor of love, Edie Shawl by Bristol Ivy for Quince & Co. I am knitting with their yarn chickadee in the shade of honey. It's slow going for me, but I am loving how the pattern emerges (like stripes and polka dots!) It's quite different from other shawls I have made, which are typically lacy, drapy and open, but this one is sure to be a favorite when it's done!

If you aren't already signed up for Quince & Co's emails, I highly recommend them (you can sign up right on their homepage, They are pretty simple, just a photo with a link to a new pattern, but the styling, design, and beauty always take my breath away. It's a treat to find one in my inbox.

For Edie, I am knitting along with another blogger/raveler in Oklahoma. Hi, Shelli!

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mrs.murray said...

i am nearing the end of my repeats! trying furiously to catch up... i worked a double yesterday and managed four rows so i'm hoping by sunday----fingers crossed.

let me know when you begin the next section... i imagine i will either be with you or mega jealous :)