Sunday, February 03, 2008

cold feet more!

I made these adorable Mary Jane Slippers from the pattern on the wonderful purl bee blog. They came out a little bit boxier than I was hoping (because I knit with a larger guage) but are perfectly comfy for around-the-house wear!

I really like how the purl bee's pattern are beautifully photographed step-by-step for us visual learners. I have trouble following directions in general, so having clear photos to illustrated each step is a very helpful way for mastering some of the trickier aspects of a project like this -- like knitting an attached i-cord. Simple as these slippers are, I got to learn a lot while making them!

p.s. it's really nice out today!!


Bec said...

Oh wow - these are the best slippers!!!! I love the colours, and that little strap that goes across them is just gorgeous. You really are sorely tempting me to attempt to learn to knit - even though the idea of working with wool in this heat doesn't bear thinking about.....

suzy smalls said...

these are so sweet! they look fantastic, and i love the red+purple together. way to go!