Wednesday, February 20, 2008

cables and craft night.

Oh, how I miss Craft Night!

Craft Night consists of many good things: 1) being with friends 2) eating delicious, homemade food 3) working on our weekly crafts and - when it's in season - 4) watching project runway. I've been absent from the tradition since I moved, and miss my crafty friends so much. But tonight was one of those nights I really would have liked to have their company when tuning into the ridiculous that has become Project Runway! (Christian getting fan favorite! wtf?) So much crying and whining -- the show is much less fun to watch sans the funny comments and observations from my friends. Maybe thats why I haven't enjoyed this season nearly as much as the others. Still, an hour long tv show about sewing clothes... not bad at all.

Oh, and Rosie, the blue cables are for your hat!


suzy smalls said...

wow, i can't wait to wear it!!!
re: p.r., i know- christian!
"wtf" sums it up.

gosh, we miss you so much.

Anonymous said...

Seriously! I'm glad other people feel it was wasted on Christian.