Monday, February 04, 2008

That Hat!

Check it out... aren't those chunky cables just amazing!?

I first saw this little picture printed black and white in the local Boston newspaper, the Phoenix, of Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, (who are playing here in April in support of their new album. Yayy!) But that cabled hat really caught my eye. I just went onto their website for a better look. The tiny black and white clip in the paper didn't do much justice to those gorgeous golden cables... I've got to make one of those!

Any advice for starting the pattern would help... I am just going to try and make it up as I go!


domesticshorthair said...

Hmm, it's hard to say, of course, but I think you could get a stitch gauge by printing the photo, enlarging it, and using the length of one her eyes as a reference for stitch gauge. Bulky yarn, probably some wool content, K3-P2 rib, pick-up another st above ea. P2, making K3-K3 cables (I think). Looks likes you do a couple of cable crossings, so you knit straight up (w/o dec.), and then at the third cable crossing, some kind of severe dec. occurs at the top. Could also be that the yarn was cut after the 3rd cable cross and threaded through remaining sts and tied. Hopefully that helps you somewhat.

Looks like a fun hat! Good luck and I want to see pictures!

suzy smalls said...

maybe she'll be wearing it when we see them and you can take a closer look..... ("excuse me, janet?")

domesticshorthair said...

I forgot to say that you have to take into account that it's stretched because it's worn when you figure the gauge.

vanessa.e. said...

Thanks for the tips!! I am going to use Lamb's Pride bulky b/c I really like that yarn... and I have some handy. but my questions lie in picking up the sts (when I begin cabling) should I M1 or is there another, better way?

I'll play around with it tonight. pictures soon!

domesticshorthair said...

One last word: I was looking through my Bloglines feeds and just came across this pattern by Yarn Harlot that is very close to what the hat you want.