Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've been dying to update this blog, really! Since I started working again I've barely had a moment to take any pictures, write any words or, most importantly, finish anything to show you! So, here's one of my numerous projects still on the needles.

These armwarmer(s) are a simple 2 x 2 rib and made with a yarn of such awesomeness that my camera can't seem to capture it. It's Tosca by Lang Yarns, an Italian company. The best part is I found the two skeins in the clearance bin at my local yarn shop -- for only $3 each!

The wool/acrylic blend runs through various shades of green -- all quite lovely. It gives the illusion of subtle stripes or different yarns but it's all the same skein. I thought it would be perfect for making a pair of fingerless gloves that would match, but not necessarily be identical. I've just got to stay motivated and knit them both!

I've sort of been in lock-down position since starting this job. Gone are the days off where I wake up early and have the entire day to do whatever I want. Although, that agenda (or lack of one) was starting to get a bit difficult to handle. Having a little responsibility and order in my life is not a bad thing at all. I just miss the opportunity to knit all afternoon and go on adventures every weekend! But soon enough, the adventures will continue and in the meantime I am trying to maintain a delicate balance of work and pleasure, so that life is always good. If you've figured it out -- let me know!

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