Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mom's Knitting.

Since I've been home I've slowly been going through my mom's things. Some of them I am using and enjoying, as I know she would want me to, other things I am leaving as they are. Some things I just cannot touch. The other day I sorted through her yarn and made sense of the many baskets and bundles of fiber she had collected over the years. I found some beautiful scarves, blankets and other special projects that I remember sitting with her while she worked on in years past. This scarf was amongst the projects I found, though I never remember seeing her work on it. The stitch is a fading triangle pattern (made up of knits and purls) that she worked in often. I really like how she added the detail of folding up one end and adding buttons for decoration. Details were always important to her.

Although we were always very different knitters, favoring different yarns and accomplishing varied projects, crafting and creating was a past time we shared and a valuable skill that she taught me. When I found this scarf it was still on the needles, as were several other projects. She never got the chance to complete them. I decided to finish this scarf for her. I completed the last row and simply bound off the stitches so I can wear it this winter and have her style and warmth wrapped around me. Its just one of the many beautiful things she created in her lifetime.

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